South Jordan, Utah Emergency 24/7 Locksmith Service Providers

emergency locksmith in south jordanHere’s a list of the most common types of jobs an emergency locksmith in South Jordan, Utah should be able to handle: Please note, expect to pay more for South Jordan locksmith services that occur after hours or on an emergency basis.

RECOMBINATION LOCKS: A South Jordan customer may want to change an existing lock to work off a new key–the most common type of lock being the key-in-the-knob cylinder or pin tumbler lock. When the proper key is inserted in the keyway, spring-loaded pins are pushed up and out of the cylinder, allowing the plug to turn, and opening the lock. When recombinating, you’re changing the depth of these pins so that a new key is the only one that will work. Most house, auto and padlocks in South Jordan are the pin tumbler variety. Different brands of locks use different depths, space and keyways. But with a given brand of lock, up to 50,000 variations exist. Thus, it’s not always necessary to change the new lock.

COMBINATING ALIKE: Some customers will have a South Jordan home or business with several different locks and keys, none of them alike or using the same key. Sometimes people will want to change to a system that will require the least number of keys to carry around. Here, you’ll be required to change the key coding so that one key works all the locks. Sometimes this requires the installation of common door hardware; however, in most cases, you’ll find the same brand locks are used throughout the building.

MASTERKEYING: South Jordan apartment owners and other commercial accounts may want dual key access. This is done by using locks with dual pin tumbler sets. One works with the apartment key, the other with the master key. Keys are spoken of in terms of code numbers. These are sets of digits reflecting the depth of serration. A given lock is a master key setup might respond, for example, to keys with code numbers 1-2-3-4-5 and 6-7-8-9. Mathematical progressions are used in master keying.

LOCKOUTS: Frequently a person finds himself locked out of his home, office, warehouse, car, etc. Invariably this happens at odd hours of the day or night. So opening locks at odd hours of the day or night will be a role a emergency South Jordan locksmith will definitely provide to customers. A typical pin tumbler lock can generally be picked open in about 30 seconds, using either picks or a single piece of spring steel and good wrist work. All locks have tolerances and variations in manufacture which will allow you to push the cylinder pins up and out of the way while exerting a turning pressure on the cylinder itself.

AUTOMOBILE LOCKOUTS: This problem occurs frequently and will require a different procedure. A tool called a “Slim Shim” is often used here, and works on most domestic and many foreign cars. this is pushed down between the glass and the weather stripping on the door far enough to reach the back of the lock
cylinder on the door. You simply push down or pull up. A “button popper” is also used, worked through the weather stripping on vent windows in older cars, and angled back to the latch button.

LOCK INSTALLATION: Much a South Jordan 24/7 locksmith’s time will be spent installing new lock and door hardware. In many cases, homeowners and business people will want to upgrade their security with the latest model hardware for older homes, offices and other buildings. Many locksmiths get involved in new construction of apartment houses, condominiums, shopping centers and the like. Often you’ll be adding more security to an existing door, such as installing a
deadbolt lock.

PANIC BARS AND DOOR CLOSERS: Many South Jordan 247 locksmiths working the commercial or industrial market get involved in the repair and installation of panic bars in public access areas. Panic bars are those large bars you can push on to open the outside doors of many public buildings. Door closers are those hydraulic devices mounted at the top of these doors which return the door to the closed position after it has been opened.

ALARMS, SAFES, AND VAULTS: The sale and installation of alarm are a natural adjunct to the locksmithing business. Many larger locksmithing operations move into this area, which is somewhat specialized. Alarms can be the “perimeter” type which sound when a door is opened after hours, or “area” alarms. “Space” or “area” protection is generally preferred, and involves infrared, ultrasonic or microwave sensors triggering alarms by detecting movement.

HIGH SECURITY WORK: A typical South Jordan emergency locksmith is a “general practitioner,” while the high-security locksmith is a “specialist.” High security work is often done for major corporations, government institutions, large banks, race tracks, museums and wealthy private individuals who desire maximum security. Often this work involves access control systems using card readers or voice print equipment, possibly combines with electronic push button locks that work off a combination of numbers known only to a few individuals.

In addition to these major areas of activity, locksmiths in South Jordan, UT do key duplicating and impressioning, which is replacing of lost keys with custom made copies, and a wide variety of other types of sales, repair and service work.

A South Jordan emergency locksmith should be able to offer most of these services to their customers. Locks and security are the prime concern to your customer, and it follows that when a customer wants help in this area, he wants it taken care of immediately. Thus, you must position yourself to handle this job immediately, or lose him to a South Jordan locksmith who can take care of his needs on the spot.

South Jordan, Utah Emergency 24/7 Locksmith Service Providers

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