Locksmiths in Salt Lake City

If you ever end up living in Salt Lake City, then finding yourself a good locksmith should be part of your home shopping list. Property crime is not something exclusive to a single area; it is common throughout the entire country. Break-ins, vandals, and other kinds of crime can cause damage to your home, and if your doors don’t have proper locks on them, then these undesirables can find their way inside your property.

Salt Lake City remains to be the most populous region in the entire state of Utah. As the capital city, many tourists flock in and out to see the sights, have a good time, and maybe settle into the city for the long haul. Some of these people, however, may not be tourists, but vicious criminals intent on breaking into your property to steal or cause harm to your loved ones. It’s up to you to find a good locksmith and keep intruders away.

Salt Lake City Crime Statistics

Luckily for most, Salt Lake City is currently experiencing a downward trend in crime, most notably property crimes. Crime rates this year are expected to be lower than the late 2000’s based on this downward trend, making Salt Lake City relatively safer than most major American cities in other states.

However, this does not mean property crime can’t happen. In fact, property crime still happens at much higher rates than the national median at a staggering 165.32%, according to a study conducted by Cityrating.com. Violent crime rates still remain much higher than property crimes, and are higher than the Utah property crime rates by 145.94%.

Crime rates in 2012 have already been projected with this very same study. Over 2,000 cases of burglary are expected to happen, along with 11,000 cases of larceny and theft. Motor vehicle theft is expected to reach just fewer than 2,000 cases, while cases of robbery range at about 420.

Of course, projected statistics in Salt Lake City may only be speculative. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions; one should always prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. This can be especially true if you have a family to protect, much less with precious belongings and priceless heirlooms around a home.

Locksmiths and Your Salt Lake Home

A SLC residential locksmith you can trust is a valuable thing to have in this day and age. More paranoid individuals can be overly concerned about the lies and deceit built up in such an old trade, but they may be pleasantly surprised that the reality is far from the hype. Trustworthy locksmiths do exist; it’s all just a matter of going out and looking for them.

When venturing for locksmiths in the Salt Lake City area, here are a few things to look at first:

  • Credentials – Both you and the locksmith may have to exchange credentials when you first meet. Reputable locksmiths often have credentials to back up their businesses with, and might just ask you for yours just to verify you are the rightful owner to a home or motor vehicle.
  • Licensing – Part of a locksmith’s credentials should include a legitimate license to operate. A locksmith should also be willing to show a license when asked. Proper licensing requirements should ensure that a locksmith is trustworthy enough to operate on your locks in and around your home.
  • Insurance – Many locksmiths now offer insurance to go along with your services. Since a locksmith will be operating on your property or business location, there is always a chance that damage will occur, no matter how professional this locksmith is. Insurance should not be a problem for more reputable locksmiths, especially in a major city like Salt Lake.
  • Reviews and Recommendations – If you have had acquaintances, friends or family members avail of a locksmith’s services before, then ask for a recommendation or review first. Any bad experiences can be warning signs for locksmiths who are not trustworthy or reliable.
  • Estimates – In a dense urban area like Salt Lake City, locksmiths can often be competitive with one another. Try to get estimates from more than one locksmith, and compare. Usually, reliable locksmiths will end up charging more up front instead of finding reasons to add expenses later on. Steer clear of open-ended estimates.
  • Emergency Services – Some locksmiths even offer emergency services in the event of a lock failure. Good locksmiths can be at your home within minutes of a lock malfunction, especially if you have locked yourself out of your car or home.  A reliable SLC car locksmith is invaluable.
  • AvailabilitySalt Lake City is a busy place, even in the wee hours of the night. However, you can end up locked out of your home or car at any time of the day or night; 24-hour locksmith services may come in handy in this kind of event.
  • Range of Services Offered – Some locksmiths will only be able to operate on car locks, while another is only capable of servicing locks on homes. Some can even do both, so it’s important to find one that is proficient in one or the other for the best quality work.

Your home and car are no laughing matter, especially when you have loved ones and valuable belongings to protect. A good locksmith in the Salt Lake City area may just make your new life in Utah much safer than ever before.

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Martin locksmith June 2, 2012 at 2:54 pm

Just a tip from me: Ensure the locksmith has all required business licenses and permits. Licensing is not always mandatory, so find out what is needed in your area. If licensing is required, ask how to verify authenticity. Good luck.


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